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Welcome to the St Catherine Catholic  Primary School and                      
Nursery website.
Our school is a small, diverse and friendly community that                                           
has the Gospel values at the heart of all that we do, with
faith development  and worship central to the experience         
that our children enjoy.

 We have the highest of expectations for all pupils, who
are supported by a dedicated team of teachers and
support staff working in close partnership with parents
and parish.
We are committed to ensuring our children live their lives                     
 to the full  through creative projects, sporting
opportunities and a wide range of  extra-curricular
activities. We are proud of the opportunities we offer                                                                                                                                                 our children and the experiences we enable our children to enjoy.
Please contact the school office if you require further
information or would like to arrange a visit to our
wonderful school.
Mr Peter Doherty
Head of School