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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education.

SMSC in school, is woven through the curriculum and worship and covered in special one off events.  We believe that is is important to to educate our young people to understand and respect the multi-cultural society in which we live.
Spiritual Education
In RE lessons and assemblies children learn primarily about the values and beliefs of the Catholic Faith, however they also given the opportunity learn about key beliefs from Judasim, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism and other Christian traditions.  The children are given many opportunities to reflect on what they and others believe and at all times taught to respect that everyone has the right to believe what they want.

Moral Education
A clear and structured behaviour policy has clear and consistent guidelines of what is right and wrong results in very good behaviour at St Catherines, where the consequences of good and bad choices are understood by all.  The behaviour policy is backed up by work in RE and P4C on discussing the importance of good behaviour and following rules and laws.

Social Education
Children at St Catherines are encouraged to be good citizens by encouraging them to volunteer their time for others.  The Learners as Leaders programme within school, provides a safe environment and introduction to working for the good of others.  Regular visits to the local old peoples home by groups of children also help our children to understand how to interact and socialise with people of a different generation.

Promoting British Values
An understanding of democracy is developed through series of lessons using a variety of resources and annual elections of school council representatives.  Children are taught to respect people of other faiths and KS2 visits to different places of worship help to break down barriers and misconceptions further.  Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated under the behaviour policy and these messages are further emphasised in annual Anti-bullying week events.

Cultural Education
St Catherines is a diverse community with many rich cultural influences.  Through annual cultural weeks on different continents children are exposed to traditions from across the globe, especially those of the families in our community.  Children are also given many opportunities throughout our creative curriculum to learn about different cultures and they take part with great enthusiasm and willingness in activities related to these.

Staying Safe
It is very important that we teach our children to stay safe in a range of different situations.
Work with the police and the NSPCC helps children to learn about stranger danger and personal safety.  Annually a visit from the Life Bus helps educate the children on health, medicines and drugs.  Pupils in Year 6 visit Brunel University annually to take part in the Junior Citizens programme. They learn about using public transport safely and safety in the local environment and at home.  Annual cycle and pedestrian training keeps our children safe on the roads. 
E-safety is also taught as a matter of course, in all year groups as part of the Computing Curriculum.