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Resource Centre

Games and Activities for Everyone


Bitesize KS2
Games and Activities in Education City
SafeSearch for Kids
Fun Literacy, Maths and Science games
Bitesize KS1
CBBC Newsround - what is happening in the world today?
CBeebies - games and activities
Create "mems" to help you memorise any topic
Over 4,000 videos on everything from maths to history 
Create an avatar and take part in quests, quizzes and games. 


KS2 English Bitesize
Read free E-Books online
Get reading with Reading Eggs
What is today's fact of the day?
Tergiversate? Lucubrate? Build your vocabulary with these fun quizzes. 
Visit Seussville with The Cat in the Hat!
Mr Thorne does Phonics


One stop shop for budding poets



Mathletics Maths games
KS2 Maths Bitesize
English and Maths games - in space!
Fancy a game of Maths baseball or online sudoku?
Downloadable Maths Worksheets


KS2 Science Bitesize
Funology - the science of having fun!
NASA Kids Club
Read about endangered species
See the Hubble Telescope in space

Geography & Environment

Geography Resources and Activities
Draw on Google Maps, to create customised maps. 
Geography Worksheets and Activities
BBC Breathing Spaces
Read the Pod Ezine


Where did the bombs fall during the Blitz?
Learn about Celts, Tudors, Victorians, Romans and more
Learn about British customs and traditions
CBBC Horrible Histories


Learn Scratch programming and play games created in Scratch
Fun interactive programming
Download Logo and learn to program
How fast can you type?

Modern Foreign Languages

Learn Spanish the fun way
Fun language games

Art & Design Technology

Create a work of art at the Tate
Art ideas and projects at Art Attack