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British Values

British values covers 4 main strands:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual respect for those of other faiths

These areas are covered through assemblies, specific one off lessons, or acknowledgement of special celebrations and events such as Remembrance Day and Elections.

P4C - Philosophy for Children

PictureP4C is designed to develop thinking and reasoning skills and to enhance self esteem with an emphasis on collaborative and rigorous inquiry

Broadly speaking, P4C develops four key types of thinking 
  1. Collaborative - thinking with others
  2. Caring - thinking of others
  3. Critical - making reasoned judgements
  4. Creative - creating new ideas

P4C typically takes the form of a Community of Inquiry, which is characterised by:
  • Sitting in a circle ready to think, talk and engage with each other
  • Sharing a source of puzzlement or intrigue (e.g. picture, story, music, news, etc)
  • Examining the source and creating relevant questions
  • Persisting in the search for knowledge and understanding
  • Giving reasons for opinions and distinguishing good reasons from bad ones
  • Fostering mutual cooperation, trust, tolerance, fair-mindedness and a heightened degree of sensitivity to fellow inquirers
  • Rich feedback that promotes thinking that is self-correcting and reflective

Here are some examples of  P4C questions our pupils have created:

Is chocolate rain a good idea why?
Is it ever OK to shout?
Is it OK to lie?

Is it ever OK not to share?
Can any animal be a good pet?
Is it beautiful to be colourful?
Key Stage 1
Year 1
Should you always do what someone tells you?
What does it feel like to be left behind?
What is friendship?

Year 2
What would happen if we didn't have rules?
Why do we wear jewellery?
Who am I and where did I come from?
Key Stage 2
Year 3
What does it mean to say sorry?
What do we want, what do we need?
Why do people get abandoned?

Year 4
How can we reconcile with others?
Why is friendship complicated?
Is it always important to win?

Year 5
Is power always good?
Is instinct always the right judgement?
How do you deal with temptation?

Year 6
What happens when jealously and rivalry go too far?
Would you trust someone when you have only just met them?
Is love and marriage always a fairytale?