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Our Values


 The following have been agreed by all staff as the most important values to guide the work of everyone who contributes to our school community

Faith Formation
We aim to form mature human persons in the image and likeness of Christ through living the gospel values. We seek not only to transform the individual human lives of our pupils, but also through them, the society which they will help to build.

Through modelling the behaviour we wish to see, we can help others acquire values and behaviours that are more effective for long-term well-being of self and others. Every day starts afresh and we never give up on anyone.

Everyone is respected and every opinion valued. Sharing expertise and new learning brings us all closer to our peak performance. The active force is people, without motivated people there will be no growth, gain or development.

Perpetual Learning
Our school is a learning organisation; we are constantly evolving and seeking new solutions.

We are open to all cultures and traditions, children of faith and children of no faith and care especially for the poor and disadvantaged.