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Pupils follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics (2014) which is divided into seven strands: using and applying Mathematics; counting and understanding number; knowing and using number facts; calculating; understanding shape;measuring; handling data with the greatest emphasis on number and calculation skills.

The school follows a clear calculation policy which provides guidance on how the four number operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are to be taught. This ensures that methods of calculation are delivered in a consistent and progressive way in EYFS and across the Key Stages. This calculation policy is shared with parents through evening workshops (held annually) with the aim of assisting them in supporting their children in maths.

Teachers plan progressive lessons following the White Rose maths scheme in Reception to Year 6.  The subject is well resourced and teachers provide a variety of engaging ways to develop the curriculum including: outdoor maths activities; using concrete and practical resources such as 100 squares, base 10 apparatus, number beads, Numicon, numberlines,10 and 20 number frames; interactive board activities and computer games.  

Teachers plan regular opportunities for children to use and apply their mathematical skills to problem solving and reasoning tasks and in other subjects such as Design Technology, Science and PE.

The children in KS1 and 2 are tested half termly using  NFER maths tests and this is used to support teacher assessment of current levels of attainment. 

The school subscribes to Mathletics and each child has their own login for this online maths resource which is used in school and at home to support the children’s learning.  IDL is used as an intervention tool to support children who require extra support. 

Bi annually the children take part in a Maths week in school, which aims to further promote and enthuse children about the subject through mathematical investigations.   We also take part in KS1 and KS2 more able maths days organised by neighbouring schools within the borough.

The Maths lead runs workshops for parents in the Autumn term to disseminate the calculation methods and resources we use, in order for parents to support better at home.