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Curriculum Intent - "Living life in all its fullness"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            At St Catherine Catholic Primary School we recognise that our curriculum is key in making our school motto a                                                        reality. The aims of our curriculum are rooted in our desire for all pupils to live life in all of its fullness.

We believe that access to an ambitious, engaging and progressive curriculum is every child’s right; an                                                                            entitlement that we must deliver. Our curriculum has been designed to enable every child to develop knowledge                                                  and skills across a breadth of subjects; the knowledge that is acquired through our subjects and themes                                                                      underpins and enables the application of skills. This solid backbone of our sequenced and progressive units are                                                      enriched with purposeful and memorable learning opportunities, ensuring our lessons are stimulating,                                                                    challenging and enjoyable.

Teachers’ high aspirations ensure our curriculum is challenging, where all children will develop and confidently                                              demonstrate independent thinking and ambition to achieve. These high expectations permeate across all                                                                  aspects of school life and our pupils have a real sense of pride at being part of the school. They respond to the                                                          high expectations and demands that are made of them and develop important learning traits for their future                                                  successes.

At St Catherine, we relentlessly aim towards ensuring that the child that leaves us will continue to flourish and                                                      play their part in society making it a better place. They will demand the best of themselves and aspire for                                                              excellence, safe in the knowledge that they are equipped with everything that is needed to be a success and                                                            know that God is always by their side.

Our wider curriculum reflects the fact that we recognise the uniqueness of the individual, and their varied                                                                talents and interests. Our wealth of opportunities are celebrated in our weekly newsletters.

Please see individual subject pages for more information around curriculum implementation and impact.
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