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We want all children at St Catherine's to demonstrate the highest levels of good behaviour and conduct. All staff have high expectations and incidents of poor or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. We want the children in our care to learn the value of following rules, showing self-restraint and courtesy to others in order to go on to function in society and create a future world of co-operation, peace and good will.


At St Catherine's we wish to create an atmosphere conducive to learning to allow each pupil to achieve their full potential. We therefore give high regard to pupil behaviour and link this with attitude and mind-set. Each pupil at our school is expected to follow our behaviour expectations and parents are expected to support us in its implementation. Each pupil is taught about the rights of others to come to a school which is safe, calm, free from harassment or bullying and where values, good manners and politeness are strengths to admire. Each pupil is made aware of their responsibility in creating and living out this vision.